Carolyn McLarty Joins Race for Marlatt’s Senate Seat

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In a press release Friday, Carolyn McLarty, a retired veterinarian from Woodward who has also served as a Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma since 2008 and a delegate/alternate for the past six conventions, will join the GOP field vying for the state senate seat in District 27 vacated by Bryce Marlatt following his resignation.

McLarty joins Rep. Casey Murdock and Tommy Nicholson, who went up against Marlatt in the 2016 Republican primary and 2012 general election as an Independent, as a candidate.

The primaries will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 12.


“It’s time to stop talking and start DOING! It is time to put the principles of good government to work. I am prepared to do this; I have the knowledge, experience and the proven conservative track record needed to be an effective State Senator. I am reliable and I am passionate about what is best for the people of District 27.  With the current budget crisis in our state and multiple challenges in the economy, education, and health care, we need assertive and faithful leadership to bring opportunities for stability and prosperity back to Oklahoma,”  McLarty said.  

Dr. Carolyn McLarty is a retired veterinarian, who operated the Animal Care Clinic in Woodward for 20 years.  Since 2008 she has served as the Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma.  In this position, she has represented our state’s conservative values consistently.  She has demonstrated her ability to effectively lead while serving on the RNC Executive Committee and as Chairman of the Resolutions Committee.  

She believes that upholding conservative principles is vital for our leaders.  “Leading based upon our moral compass and guiding faith can thwart pressure from outside influences.  When we make decisions based upon our faith and values, we can build a safer more prosperous state for our children; a state where they can thrive and raise their own families with a higher quality of life,”  McLarty said.

A strong proponent for education, and the quality of education our children receive, McLarty fought to encourage development of excellent new standards for Oklahoma education to replace Common Core. “It is vital that we provide our children the best education that we can. Education for good citizenship is imperative for a government “by the people.” Further, quality education ensures that our children can aspire to higher goals, and enrich the State with their talents,” McLarty said.

“Through my experience in the Republican National Committee, I have worked hard to create win-win outcomes between the establishment and the grassroots. I can work in the State Senate to pass legislation that ensures that our state government serves the people of the entire Senate District 27 from Northwestern Oklahoma to the end of the Panhandle. I will fight hard to encourage legislation that enables our conservative principles and values to bring security, liberty, and prosperity to the District.  As a sovereign state, we must push back the encroachment of the Federal Government into state government functions,” McLarty emphasized.

Carolyn McLarty has been married to Tom for 42 years.  Together they have three children and three grandchildren.  She served on the Board of Directors at the Pregnancy Center in Woodward for nine years.  She also served as President of the Northwest Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association, was Chairman of the Board of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority Board, Board Member of Eagle Forum, a national conservative pro-life organization and was a delegate/alternate to the Republican National Conventions for the past six Presidential elections.  

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