OEA Unveils Proposed Revenue Plan to Prevent Teacher Walkout

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The Oklahoma Education Association announced a proposed $905.7 million revenue package Friday morning that would provide a pay raise for teachers.

The OEA has called for a statewide teacher walkout April 2 if lawmakers cannot fund the first across-the-board pay raise since 2008.

The group is calling it the “Together We’re Stronger” plan.

$177 million would come from income tax changes, which include restoring the earned income tax credit and eliminating the capital gains deduction.

$158.7 million from a 5 percent increase on the oil and gas production tax.

$149 million from a Motor Fuel Tax, which would be 6 cents for gas and diesel.

Almost $223 million in tobacco taxes, which would put a $1.50 increase on a pack of cigarettes, a 10 percent increase on chewing and smokeless tobacco and taxing little cigars as cigarettes.


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Sean Gallagher