What Do Oklahomans Like Most About Tailgating?

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Offers.com put together a survey, asking 1,000 people across the country what the top tailgating trends are.

The survey asked those polled what their favorite tailgate games, food and drinks were, just how many drinks they have during a tailgate and did they prefer college or NFL game tailgating.

For Oklahoma, it was obvious that college tailgates were preferred over NFL tailgates (since Oklahoma doesn’t have an NFL team).

The survey showed that the preferred tailgating food is burgers and beer is the drink of choice, with Oklahoma tailgaters consuming 4.5 drinks per tailgate.

The overwhelming game of choice across the country and in Oklahoma was Corn Hole.

Here were some of the other numbers:

Favorite Tailgating Game

51%: Corn Hole

17%: Beer-Pong

11%: Frisbee/Catch

8%: Flip Cup and Washers

5%: Ladder Toss

Favorite Tailgating Food:

26%: Wings

24%: Burgers

15%: Pizza

14%: Nachos

12%: Hot Dogs

9%: Tacos

Favorite Tailgate Drink

43%: Beer

26%: Soda

15%: Liquor

9%: Wine

7%: Gatorade



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