Rep. Casey Murdock to Run For Marlatt’s Vacated Senate Seat

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In a press release Wednesday afternoon, Oklahoma representative Casey Murdock announced that he will run for the senate seat in District 27 left vacated by Bryce Marlatt, who resigned on Tuesday.

“Without a voice in the State Senate, our part of the state is weaker
and more vulnerable to being overlooked by the politicians in Oklahoma
City,” said Murdock. “We need a strong, experienced leader who can hit
the ground running on day one to ensure Northwest Oklahoma is
well-represented at the Capitol. Whether we are talking about
protecting our natural resources, strengthening our schools, or
encouraging economic growth, we need strong leadership in the State

Murdock has deep roots in Northwest Oklahoma, where he has spent his
life working in agriculture. His great-grandfather settled in the
Panhandle more than a decade before statehood, with the Murdock family
remaining in the area for five generations and counting.

“I can’t say enough about how important it is for us to be represented
by someone who shares our values and understands our way of life,”
said Murdock. “I know what it means to support Northwest Oklahoma by
funding our schools, encouraging investment in our economy, and
upholding the conservative values we have shared for generations.”

Murdock earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from
Panhandle State University in 1992. He then farmed in Cimarron County
for ten years, simultaneously working at a cattle feedyard. Today, he
farms and runs a cow/calf operation and raises his family in the

Murdock said one of his top priorities in the Senate will be
supporting public education so Northwest Oklahoma schools can continue
their excellent work of educating area students.

“Our schools are filled with talented professionals who are devoted to
working hard on behalf of their students,” said Murdock. “Sometimes
the folks at the Capitol don’t give them the support they deserve, and
I hope to change that. As a former school board member, I am committed
to adequate funding our schools, quality pay for our teachers, and the
best education possible for our students.”

Murdock said another priority will be encouraging investment in
Northwest Oklahoma.

“Agriculture and energy are the engines that drive our economy, and I
want to encourage those industries to invest more in our part of the
state,” Murdock said. “We have programs that give incentives for
businesses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but we can’t forget about rural
Oklahoma. I want to encourage businesses to grow and expand here so we
have more jobs and the increased quality of life that comes with a
booming economy.”

Murdock said it’s also important to promote and defend traditional values.

“A society must have a culture that respects life, defends liberty,
and protects individual rights,” said Murdock. “Without those things,
we would be no different from godless dictatorships. I have a record
of protecting our Constitutional rights and upholding conservative values, and I will continue that in the State Senate.”

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