Republican Primary in District 27 State Senate Special Election Today

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Today is the Republican primary for the special election to fill the vacant State Senate seat in District 27.

Six candidates are on the ballot in a winner-take-all primary: Jeff Hall, Carolyn McLarty, Michael Medill, Casey Murdock, Travis Templin and Tommy Nicholson.

Polls are open until 7pm tonight.

The primary winner meets Democrat Amber Jensen in the General Election on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Precincts are listed below. To find your precinct, visit


Precinct 770101 Woodward Hospital and Health Center 1650 Main, Woodward

Precinct 770102 Faith United Methodist Church, 1402 Texas Ave, Woodward

Precinct 770104 Mutual High School Gym, 210 S. Maple, Mutual

Precinct 770105 Mooreland High School Gym, 404 N.W. 4th , Mooreland

Precinct 770106 Quinlan Methodist Church, Quinlan

Precinct 770201 Woodward High School, 2406 13th Street, Woodward

Precinct 770202 Woodward Senior Center, 1420 Downs, Woodward

Precinct 770203 Sharon United Methodist Church, Sharon

Precinct 770204 Mutual High School Gym, 210 S. Maple, Mutual

Precinct 770301 Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 2007 34th St., Woodward

Precinct 770302 Highland Park Grade School, 2730 Webster, Woodward

Precinct 770303 Woodward High School, 2406 13th St., Woodward

Precinct 770304 First Baptist Church, 202 E Hanks Trail, Woodward

Precinct 770306 High Plains Technology Center, 3921 34th St, Woodward

Precinct 770307 Windle Hatchett Community Building, Fort Supply

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