Woodward Schools Wants Voters to “Believe in the Boom”

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After falling short in April, Woodward Public Schools will again have its bond issue on the August 28 ballot.

The bond issues focuses on the same items with a few changes.

Proposition Number 1 is a $3.5 million dollar bond that would allow renovations, fixtures and equipment as well as funds to acquire real estate for improving school sites – all in an effort to improve the Woodward High School and Middle School auditoriums as well as adding artificial turf for the Woodward High School football field.

Funds will also be used to acquire technology equipment for the high school soccer field, renovation of the school agriculture teaching farm as well as needed school furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Proposition Number 2 includes $3.1 million to be used for the purpose of constructing a new eight lane track, as well as bathrooms, changing rooms and a concession area north of the current baseball and softball complex.

The money would also include $100,000 to provide security equipment that applies to the current security concerns surrounding all the reduction of vulnerability for all public buildings, according to the resolution.

Needed renovations to flooring, seating, electrical and plumbing would also be included in funds gained through the bond.

The school has also released a new video, with testimonials from students, teachers and members of the community on why voters should support the bond issue.

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Sean Gallagher